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The article 'risk perception and compliance with quarantine during the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak' whose authors are Maurine A Cava, Krissa E Fay, Heather J Beanland, Elizabeth A McCray and Rauleen Wignall, is a study on qualitine measures undertaken during the outbreak of SARS.


Failure to comply with this order led to a maximum fine of $5,000.
A random stratified sample was used in this study; the random sample was from the Toronto public health and contained people who had been quarantined. The sample was stratified by sex and closeness of contact. It was a face to face interview that was undertaken in participant's homes. The sample included 16 women and 5 men.
During the quarantine all participants spent time and energy considering the risk of contracting or spreading SARS, participant's compliance was based on ethical, legal and social grounds, ethical in that people complied because they wanted to be good citizens and others termed it as a civil duty. People also complied due to legal issues in that the fine was too large ($5000).
This articles main idea is risk communication during health emergencies of communicable diseases. Risk communication is the key element in encouraging people to adopt healthy behaviours (Rothmans an Kivinierni 1999). The essay is based on personal experience to reveal the link between participants' perception of risk and available information. ...
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