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Employee e-training - Essay Example

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Technology is changing the learning and training in corporate settings as well as in schools and colleges. Technology has a major impact on the delivery of training programs. With the advent of new technologies Training is becoming a 24/7 process, cutting across geographical boundaries and time restrictions…

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Employee e-training

The new technology is advantageous as it provides easy access to training. It requires collaboration among areas of training, information technology, and top management. For technology in training to be effective, it needs to be designed with good learning principles.
Transfer of training can be facilitated by using the technology. For example, Electronic performance support systems (EPSS) are computer applications that can provide, as requested skills training, information access, and expert advice. An EPSS may be used to enhance transfer of training by providing trainees with an electronic information source that they can refer to on as-needed basis while they attempt to apply learned capabilities on the jobs.
Imaging refers to scanning documents, storing them electronically, and retrieving them. (Lederer 1993). Imaging is particularly useful as paper files take large volume of space. Moreover, it is difficult to access them. It is easy to access them if they scanned and stored in a database. Software applications make it easy to scan them by using the key search words. Imaging can also be very useful to serve the customers in a better way. ...
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