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There is need to initially know the definition of this concept; New Urbanism "is the most important planning movement this century, it is an American urban design movement that arose in the early and is about creating a better future for us all.


New Urbanism involves fixing and infilling cities, as well as the creation of compact new towns and villages". (New Urbanism)

HOW NEW URBANISM BEGINS: This dated back to 1980s, due to the fact that "a growing number of architects and planners became unhappy with the way urban centers were decaying and the simultaneous increase of communities that were fragmented, car-oriented and spread out". (History of New Urbanism) Thus in the 1980s, and early 1990s, new urbanism took up.

However, "New Urbanism gained national recognition with the development of communities like the resort village of Seaside, Florida in 1981. Seaside received national media coverage with a feature article in Atlantic Monthly in 1988, and when it was featured in the 1998 blockbuster, "The Truman Show".". (History of New Urbanism)

The New Urbanism is a t motivation of architects, planners and developers "the New Urbanism is based on principles of planning and architecture that work together to create human-scale, walkable communities". (The New Urbanism)

PRINCIPLE OF NEW URBANISM: Three are some Principles binding New Urbanism, these include, workability, connectivity, Mixed Use and Diverse, Mixed House and many others as well. Below, these mentioned Principles are lineup:
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