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Article example - Macroeconomics

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Economics is that branch of social sciences that looks at the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. The two main branches of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics.
Microeconomics deals with the decisions at small scale…

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It deals with the aggregated indicators such as price indices, GDP, unemployment, inflation, savings, investments, national income etc. It looks at prices of all goods and of all services. In short, it looks at whole economy. Macroeconomics also deal with the exchange rates. The higher will be the exchange rate, the lower will be the international demand due to expensive products.
Macroeconomics deals with the critical economy issues such as inflation rate, unemployment rate, recession state etc. Recession is a period of two or more successive quarters of decreasing production. Scarcity of any resource becomes a cause of rise in price while access availability of any resource causes a fall in price of that commodity.
Before we discuss U.S inflation, we must know the role of inflation. Inflation is basically an increase in average price level of a country while deflation is totally opposite to inflation. Deflation is the downward decrease in average prices level. Inflation in United States is also due to record oil prices that had increased the petrol price. Inflation is also caused by excessive money creation. ...
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