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Current research on personality assessments

Studies consistently show that individual judgments are sensitive to error based on socio-cultural, biological, personal, environmental and other contextual influences. At an unconscious level, the human observer filters information (i.e., perceives it) though biases created through personal belief systems, values, attitudes, incomplete knowledge, and distractions in the environment (PAN, 2005).
However, this does not imply that personality tests are able to take the place of the professional judgment of the therapist/analyst. The personality test is not usually completed in isolation to other measures to determine aspect of the personality, as well as other sources of information (e.g., personal interview, GP diagnosis, input from family and friends, other psychometric tests). Personality tests can be assured of their validity and reliability when they have been professionally designed, and scored and interpreted by individuals trained to do so. Though these measures, a professional therapist/analyst is able to draw informed conclusions in a holistic manner, about the whole person, at this point in time.
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The use of personality assessment tests has been popular in the USA since the 1920s. Psychological and educational tests are used at present among professions such as psychologists, counselors, human resource management and teachers, across government departments and in organizational environments…
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Current research on personality assessments essay example
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