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Memory Activity - Essay Example

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They have mnemonic techniques to remember the words, one of which is by using rhythm and songs. They put melody on the words so that they could memorize it easily. They replace the lyrics with the words using an easy rap song.
I do not think so that their memory will exceed short term memory capacity for chunking information, since I ask them to look at it for only one minute and so this will only last for a few seconds to a minute or exact amount of time which may vary somewhat…

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Memory Activity

Alphabet technique could also be of help, in this strategy, you need to identify a word which begins with the same sound as each letter in the alphabet and then associate the word's image with the item to be remembered.
Encoding information in an elaborate, meaningful way helps in retention. When possible convert verbal information into mental images, when learning about events and facts, try to focus on their meaning rather than their superficial characteristics.
Another example is when you are memorizing for numbers, it is easy to memorize letters or words than numbers, put some codes in your number to have some meaning, for example, 5=L (because there are five fingers on our left hand).
It takes time to fully memorize everything that is needed to memorize. For example you are about to memorize 20 words, divide it by 5, memorize each 5 items one at a time until you can remember all of them without looking, then memorize the next group and so on.
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