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Organisational Change

The wide and easy access to stores of information, both external and internal has made it easier to organize tasks and to define roles. (Lippit. R 1958)
However, the fast-paced on going change means that organization now have the added task of planning and tackling issues that will be affected by the change in future. Some of the issues can be related to the personnel of an organization or with the administration itself. Organizations now need to have a proactive and practical attitude and prepare for future change.
If the organization does not prepare itself for the times to come and does not adapt its working to the changing environment in advance, it will run the risk of facing closure and losing its customers and profits. By envisaging the impact of the changes on the organization in the times to come and responding to it appropriately, the organization minimizes its chances of facing serious problems.
Moreover, an organization through some change of leadership, customers, and environment feels the need of bringing appropriate change into the organization. An organization through a series of steps can find out the nature of the required change, gauge how it is likely to affect the organization and adjust its functions and work systematically. Firstly, to initiate a planned change process, the organization has to concern itself with entering and contracting. ...
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Organizational development is defined as the collaboration of its leaders with groups to go ahead with planned or systematic change and solve root-cause problems to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction by bringing an improvement in the processes that gets their work done…
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