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Essay example - Reflective Practice Statement

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Reflective practice has been described as a process by which professionals make sense of past experiences by periodically stepping back to ponder on the events and transactions that have occurred between us and others, in order to further understand and improve knowledge (Jasper, 2003, p.2; Raelin, 2002, p.66)…

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DeFillippi believe that reflection is crucial to learning because it helps to convert "convert tacit experience into explicit knowledge" (p.6).
Reflective practise, as a concept of learning, was introduced into several professions in the 1980s. The rationale behind it is that by thinking about things that have happened to us, in a different light, we gain more knowledge and a better perspective, which enable us to take some kind of action. It is therefore seen as an important process by which professionals "learn from experience in order to understand and better develop their practice" (Jasper, 2003, p.2). The concept of learning from reflection was a product of the work of several educational theorists; one important figure in this regard is Dewey (1938) who argued that 'we learn by doing and realising what came out of what we did'. However, this theory has seen severally modified and developed by contemporary theorist. One of such is the 'experiential learning theory' developed by Kolb in the 1980s, where he drew our attention to the fact that, when we attempt to learn from something that has already happened to us, we need to recall our observation of the events and then reflect on the observation in some way (p.3). ...
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