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Essay example - Impact of Culture on International Business

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International business along with culture of countries is the main thing that needs to be kept in mind when it comes to the idea of globalization. It is very well known that due to globalization, the world has become a global village and businesses are expanding at a grand scale throughout the world…

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However, unfortunately for the President, in the Brazilian language the sign was being used as slang in the country. Here the main mistake that had been noticed by the world as well as the Brazilians was that the leader of a free world had not spent a lot of time in learning, or at least getting accustomed to the customs of the country he was visiting (Walker, Schmitz, and Brake, 2003: 33).
However, it is not just the duty of the president of a country to be accustomed or to be well known but also for business executives of any form or organization that tends to expand the business across the borders. Business executives have to be very concerned about the learning in cross communication and cultures of the countries in which they wish to expand their businesses as the customers do happen to get offended by gestures. According to Dean Foster who is the president of a cross cultural business training company, Dean Foster Associates, "It can be very offensive. In some cases, people have lost million-dollar deals".
Cultures across the world on the surface may be having just minor differences. However, these are the differences that make major problems. In one case it can be presented by an uncomfortable smile that might be ignored in some cases. However, in business matters this is a gesture that is considered to be very offensive (Bannon & Mattock, 2003: 22).
Body language is a part of ever ...
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