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Bottled water market

The second part will contrast the bottled water market in two specific countries. The countries chosen for this purpose are Scotland and Saudi Arabia, whereas the major bottlers in these countries selected are Strathmore and Masafi mineral water respectively.
There appear to be several reasons inducing people to purchase bottled water in any part of the world. Of course, bottled water is far costlier than the tap water for the people in the developing countries as compared to the under-developed countries. However, the demand for bottled water in all its forms has been on a substantial rise in both the sections of the world. People in the poor as well as rich countries are willing to pay a high price for bottled water while avoiding having tap water that is available to them cheaply. The motives driving the people to purchase bottled water are discussed below in the context of developed and developing countries of the world.
The bottled water market is booming in all parts of the world with an annual volume of about 89 billion litres, which shows that an average person drinks 15 litres of bottled water every year (Danone, 2000). ...
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This paper provides an insight into the bottled water market in the developing as well as developed countries of the world. Bottled water market including mineral water, treated water, sparkling water, carbonated water and soft drinks etc has been having a considerable hike for the past few decades…
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