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The deal with the devil

Trying to remember what was on those hollow shelves that were attached in the wall up the sink. He went straight to the sink and washed his face in the faucet.
After a few minutes, he got dressed casually and went out from his apartment for a walk. He entered a local bar that was only a couple of blocks away from his endangered abode. With only two bottle of beer, he felt his head becoming very heavy all of a sudden. While laying his head on the table, he felt something warm trickled down to his face. A tap in his back suddenly put a halt on this.
He lifted his head up and saw that beside him a Chinese old man gazing at him to whom the hand that tapped him came from. He wiped the tears in his eyes and looked at the old man, his gaze questioning.
"A chit-chat My wife left me, my dog left me, I lost my business, I owe the bank millions . . . I want to die, do you know that, and you're there for a chit-chat" he exasperated as if finding the old man's offer ridiculous.
The old man brought out an old jar from his worn-out Chinese-designed travelling bag, an antique jar. It has embroideries and ash-like colors of blue and greens and shades of red in its body. The old man scanned hastily the room first as if making sure that their conversation will be secured.
"This may help, but you will ha ...
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For the sixth time, he picked up and scanned the pile of paper from its envelope on his bare wooden table. David blankly stares at the papers, pages to pages, scanning its figures and the total of his credit in the bank that is reaching 6-digits already. He threw it back in the table, picked up the picture frame that's lying beside the envelope and piercingly stares at the woman in the frame…
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