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Strategic Marketing Product Mix and New Product Development Strategies

The Pepsi Company already has a lot of products including business ties with Lipton Iced Tea, but that doesn't stop them from creating more new products. After the production of more than four hundred products you can't say that The Pepsi Company will stop creating new products or new drinks, that's not going to happen, not if they want to maintain to be the number one non-alcoholic beverage company in the world, not if their top competitors such as Coca Cola and Cadbury Schweppes are still around. (Hoover' So, the idea of developing of another product is very much possible. And a creation of a new product, coffee for example, The Pepsi Company would like to create a new product line like coffee. This new product would require new machineries for the coffee beans and the skilled people in the coffee industry. With the development of a coffee brand of in the Pepsi Company, the organizational structure of the production division would be changed. For example the employees from other department that has the "know how" to operate the coffee machines would be "repositioned" into the coffee department. Therefore, this would create a great deal of transferees of department within the organizational structure. ...
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Pepsi Cola is one of the largest soft drinks industries which operate in Australia. The main products of the company comprises of different soft drinks brand including Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Max, 7UP, Diet 7UP, Caffeine Free Pepsi Light, Mountain Dew, lipton iced tea, Tropicana twisters and Gatorade…
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