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Essay example - Manhattan New School

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It was the fall of 1991, when Manhattan New School (MNS) started as an optional school by a group of teachers from the Teachers College Writing Project at Columbia University. School was later rewarded with promoted designation of Public School 290 during the spring of 1994…

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School's professional teachers are hired from Bank Street College of Education, Columbia University Teachers College, New York University and Fordham University. Manhattan New School resides in the heart of Manhattan in the former PS190, which was built in 1903 (About School, Manhattan New School).
According to Karen Ruzzo, school's principal, "We pride ourselves at being a highly literate community, and we also understand our responsibility to prepare students to cope with the multiple demands of an ever-changing society. As a result, children learn within real-world contexts. Along with reading and writing, instructions in mathematics, science, social studies, technology, music and art engage young learners in meaningful explorations that develop critical thinking skills" (Karen Ruzzo, Mission Statement). School's vision is to grow in the near future as a role model organization for the greater national cause, while providing the students with the opportunity to investigate a range of big ideas, to ask and answer important questions, and to develop the self-management strategies that enable them to negotiate their daily life. This shows that the school's vision is broadly based and its process creates a commitment to lifelong learning.
The Manhattan New School's goals include, committing to ensure that all students benefit from a shared educational experience, and continuing to develop ...
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