Operations And Operations Management

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From the definition given by Bennett Lewis & Oakley (1998, Pg 2-3) Operations management is a practical appearance of management sciences that assists organisations build up procedures to manufacture their goods and services more competently.
According to Johnston (1999, Pg 6-7) the ''operations'' of an organisation or a company are every single of the actions straightly connected to achieving the main principle of the organisation, whether it be production of some produce or given some kind of service.


Certainly, all major serviceable areas of an organisation are somehow tangled; all interrelate with and supply support for the others, and the limitations are not for all time obvious among them.
Slack (2004, Pg 9-10) suggests that the Operations Team is accountable for the everyday operations of the organisation counting scheduling jobs, coordinating service or goods transfers, updating or loading information, and monitoring organisation performance and security. ''Operations management,'' then, points to making the customary managerial purposes (development, organizing, directing, and scheming) on the organisation 's operations. ...
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