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She chooses to believe that an individual life is as valuable as society as a whole, while criticizing the ethical principles of dominating political regimes.
The narrator places high value on relationships with people whom he or she is intimately connected to by stating "I prefer liking people/ to loving mankind"(5-6). These lines suggest that mankind, or society as a concept, is not as important as the individuals with whom one has a direct relationship. The manner in which one treats people they have personal contact with has more significance than one's philosophical stance on broader social issues. The closest kind of personal relationships is being in love, and when the narrator reveals that "I prefer, in love, those anniversaries which are not so big / which can be celebrated every day." (18-19), she is describing a person who does not take time spent with the person he or she is in love with for granted. It shows that what is done on a daily basis is more important to the narrator than what is done once a year. The narrator uses the imagery of insects' time contrasted to stellar time to conjure a more existential perspective of what a human lifetime entails, further pointing to her appreciation of daily interactions.
Another theme that influences the poem is opposition to oppressive g ...Show more


The narrator of the poem "Possibilities" by Wislawa Szymborska demonstrates a view of life that embraces personal relationships and connections, while opposing government oppression and militarism. There is evidence that he or she is an older or more experience person who has lived through difficult situations and assumes a high degree of ethical standards…
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