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Essay example - How has the role of governmentand citizens attitudes toward itchanged in the U.S. over the twentieth century Be sure to discuss the Progressive, New Deal,

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The American society and lifestyle in the 19th century was not very much satisfactory. The labor class was exploited by the rich people. Women were also suffering a lot of dependency for their requirements from the society like education, jobs and other such needs…

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Their was a desire for change in the culture of society.
There were a lot of reforms and changes occurred in each phase of society and in all sections. The change was not only in the lifestyle of the people but also in the business and service sector. Their working method and environment was also changing according to their business. Some of the reforms and movements were Progressivism, new deal era, first and the second world war. These reforms changed the whole scenario of the 20th century. A detailed knowledge about these reforms will define the role of government and the response of people over these reforms.
Progressive movement was started in 1889 but its importance was highlighted in the starting of 20th century. The progressive movement was based on the concepts of social justice, greater efficiency in government and social control. This movement was basically consisting of the middle class people and urban professionals. The people thought that the government should become more active regarding democratic reforms and in protecting laborers.
Woodrow Wilson was the governor of New Jersey and became the president of United States in 1912. He started the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. ...
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