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Essay example - Parts 3,4 and 5

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After conducting the analyses required in the earlier sections, problem areas in the organizational model of Aerated Concrete Industries, Co. (Acico) have been specifically identified. Thus, the evaluation which shows that a lot of changes need to be implemented in order for the business entity to achieve aligned organizational model: the organizational structure of all the departments needs to be transformed from being hierarchical to horizontal.

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The top management should also take an effort to print out the company's strategies, objectives, and goals and distribute them to every individual in the organization.
One of the major changes which will also be implemented is the role of the human resource department within the business organization. Currently, Acico's the human resource department is concerned only about the operational aspect of management specifically administrative issues but will be also be involved in the strategic aspect of management. This will be started through the appointment of new VP for Human Resource. Recognizing that the business organization's human resources are strategic partners of Acico, it will only be logical to give the department a significant portion in the shaping the company's vision, mission, goals, and strategies. The human resource department will be taking on an active role in shaping the strategic direction of the business organization.
In the operational aspect, staffing and recruiting will be taken more seriously by setting a set of more stringent standards. ...
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