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Sport in the American City

Cities usually accommodate many people from different background and working in different careers. In the city there is a mixture of different cultures and in the modern cities there appear to be an upcoming new city culture different from the culture of the people in the rural areas. The life in the cities is very different and unique in its own way from the life in the rural areas. One of the challenges facing the modern cities is poor planning which is often couple with less space for expansion and development of facilities for sports and other amenities. The lifestyle in the city is one which encourages a sedentary life. (Melvin, 1986)
According to Mueller et al (2007), it has become a concern to many people that in the modern cities, although there is an improved health care and sanitary service, the mortality rate is still higher than expected and it has been concluded that all is not well with the city life. Many people in the rural areas, although having poor access to social basic needs like health care services, are living longer life than many people in the cities. This brings us to a great argument that have been debated the world over, concerning the city life and the future life in our cities. This illustrates that improved medical care and quality lifestyle is not the key to longer life span. ...
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The sudden explosion of world population has given rise to modern cities which are designed to contain more people in a small space. As human being gradually developed from hunters and gatherers, they adopted a more settled life with majority of the people settling in the urban areas…
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