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Japan Town in San Francisco

The Japan Center, though looks quite conventional, has many delightful restaurants and shops, stairways and open courtyards and is considered as the focal point of Japanese culture in the middle of San Francisco. The Peace Pagoda, designed by the famous Japanese architect Yoshiro Taniguchi, is a five-storied stupa which is a contribution by the people of Osaka, Japan to San Francisco.
San Francisco's Japantown share its borders with California, Geary, Octavia, and Fillmore Streets. It has about 150 small and medium sized businesses with plentiful affordable housing complexes for seniors. It also has non-profit organizations like the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, Kimochi Senior Center, Nihonmachi Little Friends (preschool), national headquarters for the Japanese American Citizens League, the Japantown Task Force, the Japanese Benevolent Society, and the Ikenobo Ikebana Society of America. (2000 Census, 2006)
History: The first Japanese also called as Soko' resided in San Francisco during early 1860s. Initially they lived in Chinatown and in neighborhoods south of Market Street. Post the disastrous earthquake and fire in 1906, these Soko's started moving to the Western Addition where they opened their own centers of prayers and typical Japanese shops and restaurants. ...
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Introduction: Japantown which is also called as "Nihonmachi", "Little Osaka," and "J Town" consists of six square city blocks and is located in the Western Addition in San Francisco. This area is predominantly consisting of Japanese restaurants, supermarkets, indoor shopping malls, hotels, banks and other shops…
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