John Lockes Concerning Human Understanding - Book Report/Review Example

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John Lockes Concerning Human Understanding

This understanding is a part of one's overall perspective and subsequent take on life. Therefore, this book is an important one as human understanding is deeply connected with the written word and the way it has been written. If those words, whether in a philosophical text or otherwise, manage to justify an individual's personal truth, or appeal to his or her sense of balance in life, then it contributes to his or her understanding. In this way, the choice of Locke's text is an important one for this paper.
Locke's text starts with a study of innate notions. This portion of the book is a study of the elements that lead to speculation and a subsequent formation of perspective. Throughout this part, Locke has managed to hook the reader on to the idea that speculation is an element that must be used in very discreet doses as more of it can damage the practical side of things in one's mind. (Locke, 2007) As a philosophical notion, this is an ideal that is true to writing. In writing, it is imperative to stick to a certain balance between factual information and a small amount of speculation. This holds on to people's imagination and memories. Therefore, in this part of the book, Locke has merely described a style of writing.
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