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Essay example - Learning Style And Theory

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As evidenced by stakeholder theory, in such collective learning processes actors within the firm work together internally as well as with actors in the related external networks in the production and consumption system as a whole. In these continuous and iterative learning cycles the ambitions are jointly formulated and translated into concrete projects for the enterprise and its related networks…

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The internal organisation of strategic decision-making processes needs to be adjusted for the high-risk levels attached to these potentially fundamental changes. To support investment decisions and business redirections, the firm should conduct strategic audits to identify and to determine its distinctive resources and capabilities. The 'resource-based theory' emphasises the necessity to assess the value of the firm's resources and capabilities, and of its ability to respond to threats and opportunities from its business surroundings. (Kolk , 2002, 4-31)
It is necessary to establish whether the markets in which the company operates are markets in which its distinctive capabilities add value, and continue to do so. Equally necessary is answering questions on the identification of new opportunities in present or new markets. To facilitate sustainable investment decisions it is necessary to broaden the set of traditional investment criteria by including criteria on the ecological and social implications of potential investment projects. ...
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