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MSc personal statement

The main reason for my application for this particular programme of study is related to my academic experiences whilst reading Biochemistry at Imperial College and in particular the specific modules of personal interest to me, Molecular Biology and Molecular Cell Biology. Moreover, driven by my interest in microbiology, I studied Molecular Basis of Bacterial Infection as one of my final year modules, which gave me an understanding of some of the fundamental principles of infectious diseases and molecular mechanisms used by specific bacteria during infection. Based on this, as well as my intrinsic interest for this research area, I believe that I possess the inherent tools required to build on and enhance my comprehension of the role of Virologists during the taught MSc course, tools prerequisite for working in the pharmaceutical industry.
I have always held a keen interest in infectious agents and have directed my studies so far towards achieving success within this important area of study. My final year literature research project was based on the prevalent human pathogen Chlamydia. ...
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I have applied for this course because I have a disposition towards finding out what causes infectious diseases, as an undergraduate student I relished the experience of studying about the pathogenesis of infectious diseases. I would want to cure as many people as I possibly can after finding out the cure for several deadly diseases and this can only happen when I learn more about viruses…
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