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Rationality and its Symbols - Essay Example

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The importance of management consulting is today hard to underestimate, as this area contains the most precious and useful experience and knowledge. Thomas Armbruster in his article 'Rationality and Its Symbols: Signaling Effects and Subjectification in Management Consulting' discusses an array of issues, associated with consulting, but his primary goal is to prove that subjectification and symbols play key roles in personnel selection…

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Rationality and its Symbols

As several commentators on the consulting sector have pointed out, both the outcome and success of knowledge-intensive services [] are very difficult to measure" (Armbruster, 2004, p. 1248).
Another presumption made by Armbruster is the state of uncertainty and doubtful quality of service provided by management consulting firms. In fact, there is no legislation or codes of practice which protect both service providers and users in sense of artificial information vacuums created by influential groups. In addition, credence goods market dictates its own rules: when selecting personnel, organization are aimed at finding persons who will easily fit into business environment and identify themselves with this area, or figuratively speaking, dissolve and serve merely as representatives of certain business segment.
Human Resource Management perfectly functions when described in the range of related theories, models and concepts, but they are often barely applicable because of the leading trends in contemporary business. First of all, so-called 'war for talents' (ibid, p.1249) shows the need for young and creative university graduates, who have degree, but lack job experience. ...
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