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Physical apperance presonality development

This addresses the differences between the ideal self that one imagines and the real self that must be dealt with daily: everyone is not at peak performance at all times and bloating does happen. This can immediately attack one's self-esteem, either in frustration of the event or in guilt to what extent one caused it. The commercial focuses on the latter, claiming that active engagement with school and work cause people to frequently make poor food choices (there's a pizza box on the table) which conflict with other activities that later arise. Part of my, or any woman's gender constancy, creates a sensitivity not just to identification with the bloated woman, but also an awareness of pitfalls to the advertised diet. Activia claims to have something called bifidar regularis, which, aside from sounding made-up, is supposed to regulate the digestive tract to alleviate bloating. What it loudly leaves unsaid is that one must exercise ego (or self) control in eating habits to begin with which can easily be interpreted that the yogurt should be an entire meal replacement which is the first step towards developing a case of anorexia nervosa. Frustrated by what was sounding like a panacea, I decided to move along similar lines to a different media, the July 2006 issue of Cooking Light.
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Personality development today is connected to physical appearance, if only through the sheer amount of commercialism the average person is bombarded with through various types of media. Rather than attack some of the more obvious ways in which advertisements focus on these, I thought I would instead examine some of the more subtle ways in which female issues are broached through both television and print…
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