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Essay example - Nursing Home Management

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At present, an estimated 20% of the UK population is aged over 60 years. It is predicted that by 2031 this proportion will rise from the current 12 million to 18.6 million people (Kwaw, 1999). Of those who do not have the opportunity to live healthy and rewarding lives it is likely that they will need acute as well as long term care…

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Nursing homes are established to provide supervised and protective care setting for older persons who are vulnerable to exploitation by others, and or unable to care for themselves due to cognitive dysfunction, mobility issues or physical illness. However, recent research and government commission reports indicate that a number of employees within nursing homes are practicing person-centred care without adequate qualifications or experience, having little understanding of the philosophy of caring for this vulnerable population (Royal Commission on the Funding of Long Term Care, 1999). Further, the image of nursing homes has been discredited by the public associating residential care with that of a "warehouse" or "final way station" given the amassing negative publicity of the management of such facilities. For example, is has been suggested that abuse occurs to a disproportionate level within nursing homes (Richardson et al., 2003).
This paper will critically review factors contributing to the apparent mismanagement of nursing homes in the UK to demonstrate the need for undergraduate training in the areas of team-work, quality management and leadership practices. Firstly, recent research into the management practices of nursing homes will be presented. ...
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