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Corn-based Ethanol Production - Thesis Example

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The world is gravitating towards the accomplishments of the set goals for establishing a green world". U.S President George W Bush has maintained the emphasis on corn-based ethanol production in the core of his energy policy. The thrust has been spurred by the critical and adverse impact on global climate of heavy industrialisation which emits atmospherically hazardous gases into layers of the atmosphere, causing global warming…

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Corn-based Ethanol Production

There has been a particular concern on the negative impact of corn-based ethanol production on the price of corn. The impact of the ethanol production has gone beyond the food prices (corn) influence threshold to the entirety of the agriculture sector. From a macro perspective, the impact has rippled beyond the precincts of the US into global fuel and food production and distribution realms.
The major aim of this study is explore through quantitative research methodologies, the calculable impact of corn-based ethanol production on the price of corn in the US. The study aims to illuminate the dynamics that characterise the surmised and existent relationship between the two established variables; corn-based ethanol production and the price of corn. It is perceived that the import of the study, through the integration of both quantitative and qualitative evaluations will assist invaluably in the illuminations of the dynamics and dimension that constitute the soaring food prices bubble, in the US and the world over.
The purpose of the study is to unearth and illuminate the existent relationship between the increased demand of corn and the farm product's prices. ...
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