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Arab Culture and Beliefs

The Islamic faith had taken roots in the 6th century AD in Saudi Arabia and spread out into the surrounding regions. The Islamic rulers were trained in the art of warfare, astute statesmen and able administrators6. They ruled with an iron hand but they were fair in their dealings7. They were patrons of literature, arts, science and philosophy8. Trade, education and military expeditions were high on their agenda and they carried out these in the best tradition9 and vision the newly found religion propagated and expounded10 (Saudi Arabia: Culture).
Hence, given the ideal state of affairs storytellers flourished11. These bards were thoroughly familiar with the fallacies and foibles of all men from at all levels12. They were either trained in the art of storytelling or were motivated13 enough to stir up their imaginations to arouse interest and maintain it through mentally manufactured plots which they narrated before gaping, awe-struck audience14. Which audience will resist the temptation to hear accounts of rags to riches episodes15 couched with mysterious events, adventures, gallant heroes, beautiful women, eccentric rulers, scheming villains, strange beings and beasts, and rounded up with the most unlikely and profound endings.16
The Arab culture of medieval times provide the fantastic backgro ...
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Although predominantly Arabic, it is difficult to bracket the folk tales1 from Arabian 1001 Nights to any one culture2. The sheer grandeur and excitement in each story reveal the multi-dimensional range3 and diversity interwoven with extraordinary brilliance and charm…
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