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International People Management

The research in this particular case applies to an aspect of international people management that is the international transfer of managers.
We assess the immediate opportunities of such research as being determined by the number of international management transfers in any given period, the importance to the MNC of such transfers and the possibility of accessing useful data relating to these transfers. International management transfers are a frequent occurrence and there is a corresponding base of information that can be researched or is already available. Management transfers are also relatively important to MNCs. They want to make sure that it works: the impact of a good or bad managerial decision often weighs more that of a non-managerial employee, and this impact increases with ascending management rank. This also motivates MNCs and their representatives to respond to requests for data in the form of questionnaires, if these questionnaires are appropriately constructed and presented.
The limitations of such research are in some ways connected with the discussion on the opportunities. ...
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This is a critical review of the research paper "An Analysis of the Functions of International Transfers of Managers in MNCs" by Dr. Anne-Wil Harzing (Harzing 2001), Department of Management, University of Melbourne, Australia (MNC means multinational corporation)…
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