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Aftermath of 9/11 in USA

The fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. The two towers of the World Trade Center collapsed within hours after burning due to structural failures.As a result of the attacks, 2974 people died immediately and the number later increased even more. Most of the victims were civilian and included national from more than 80 different countries. To investigate the attacks, the American government formed the 9/11 commission which released its report in July 2004. The report concluded that members of al qaeda were behind the planning and carrying out of the attacks. The attacks were headed by osama bin laden and align with osama’s declaration of a holy war against America. As a result of the attack, widespread confusion was created all over the United States. For 3 days, the US soil was closed to all international civilian air traffic, those already inflight were either turned back or redirected to Canadian or Mexican airports. Contingency plans were also implemented in order to secure the government and evacuate leaders. The 9/11 attacks caused major political ramifications globally and the media and government from all over the world denounced them. The world over feelings of sympathies existed and were denounced by mainstream media and governments worldwide. The attacks were condemned by leaders of many different countries specially from those of Middle Eastern countries. ...
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The world over feelings of sympathies existed and were denounced by mainstream media and governments worldwide. The attacks were condemned by leaders of many different countries specially from those of Middle Eastern countries…
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