The US Air Force in World War II

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US certainly cannot defend its claim of being a Super Power and the land of the free, without being bolstered and guarded by its awesome Air Force. The augmenting role and potential rendered by decisive air superiority became evident to the US armed forces in the low scale aerial operations carried out by them in the I World War (Pushies 47).


Thus the direct premise that followed from this catechism was that victory beyond doubt will go to that power that will manage to exhibit and retain decisive air superiority throughout the conflict. Still such findings and predictions failed to muster a commensurate support and budgetary allocations from the US authorities. It was only in the thick of the World War II that the validity of such forecasts became crystal clear and self evident and the US realized that the stature and scope of its Air Force needs to be unavoidably expanded and broadened.
In fact such provisions became necessary after the Japanese air attack on the Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 (Lord 4). This unexpected attack revealed the extent to which the Japanese intended to rely on their air power to have an upper edge in the war. This attack also revealed the potential and capabilities of the Japanese Air Force, its ability to plan and execute debilitating air operations and its skill for withholding and camouflaging the information and intelligence pertaining to its air preparedness. ...
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