Why is it said that power relationship in organisations entail a Mutual Dependency Provide examples to illustrate. - Essay Example

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Why is it said that power relationship in organisations entail a Mutual Dependency Provide examples to illustrate.

While interdependednce of the power equation began primarily in terms of socialiogy (Emerson 1962), it soon came to be very instrumental in the organizational setups across the developed world.
It has now been established without doubt that power is central to organizational structure (Hall 2002). Infact several sources of power have been established within organizations (Morgan 1986). These can broadly be classified as
Formal authority or legitimate power- This refers to the common concept that leaders or people in the high ladders of hierarchy have authority and compliance on the part of the subordinates is mandatory.
Expert power - This is power secured by the acquiring of skills and expertise in a field, that would be required by others. This is by far the most subjective base in the power model (Podsahoff and Schriesheim. 1985)
Yet all these bases of power rely on interaction of groups with each other. While the benefits and disadvantages of each of these bases are still being researched, the fact that they all involve dependency and interrelationships are clear. The concept of interdependency of power is aptly described in the works of (Emerson 1962, 1964)
It is vital to have an understanding of the distribution of power along both these axes. ...
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This is a classic statement based on the theory that power is exercised between people and is thus relationship specific. It reiterates the concept that power is a interdependednt phenonmenon. It is indeed needless to say that the above is not the only definition of power…
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