Research Critique on: Complementary Therapy Use Among Older Rural Adults

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The title does not entirely describe the study and nor does it contain the variables. It needs to clarify what is meant by 'older', which 'rural' areas were involved and define the variables. An alternative title could be:
While the Abstract explains the purpose of the study, it is vague in parts.


The researchers are all eminently qualified in the fields of research, nursing, education and management. Their vast combined experience and the geographical position from which they operate suggests a thorough knowledge of the topic. Both Shreffler-Grant and Weinart have researched and published in the areas of Holistic Nursing, Hospices, (Shreffler-Grant) Small Rural Hospital Care, (Shreffler- Grant), Rural Women (Weinert), and Chronic Health Conditions (Weinert). Bette Ide has developed a Farm/Ranch Stress Scale, published on Ethical issues in the quality of care and health related hardiness and service use of rural older adults, while Elizabet Nichols has vast managerial and educational experience. Their qualifications include PhD., R.N., and professorial positions, all quality attributes which give confidence in the study and report. The article, as published in Public Health Nursing Vol 22 No.4 in July 2005, does not give a clear statement of when exactly the work was carried out. Page 326, para 3 has a reference (Shreffler 1999) and p325 mentions a paper published by an undergraduate as a result of involvement in this work, dated 2003.
While the Abstract directs us to the Objective and hypothesis, there is no clear framework or map as such. ...
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