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Organizational Behaviour Cases Analysis

o change her ways in dealing with those under her command.
Millennium's downward communication structure exacerbates the adjustment difficulties taking place since the merger. In an ideal scenario, Helen should have established an open door policy wherein any organizational member below her (most especially Dan) can communicate directly without going through the chain. Likewise, she must place Dan in the picture and enlighten him on what is to be expected from the merger and how this will affect their standing in the company, how such organizational development might influence the way their career paths will go and how the two companies' coalition will shape their future. However, this is not what has actually taken place. ...
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Although the merger between Millennium Advertising and an American firm will ensure the reduction of uncertainties impelled by competition, it has likewise created reservations, suspicions and feelings of despondency within the Canadian organization, something which would have been resolved if effective communication channels have been opened and if effectual communication processes have been put to work…
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