Marx's critique of capitalism is based on his theory of history politics and alienation

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In all his works, the major and most significant concern of Marx has been that of the intellectual destruction of capitalism. Marx viewed capitalism as a very harsh social activity which will be defeated by history. It is an activity where the society is built as per controlled relations of the majority being dominated by the minority, thereby not being entirely reasonable.


There are many of his works which seemed to be revealed as a result of his reactions on the growth of new areas of political economy, which is helped by the laissez-faire theories of Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Thomas Malthus. These theories intimated the extension of precisely the features of capitalism that was most defective in the views of Marx. Therefore his critique begins from attacks on the satisfactory liberal bases analysis of capitalism to the very intricate analyses of economics and also of leading theorists. (Marx's critique of capitalism)
Marxism is not a single theory but is found as a cluster of a few similar related theories. There is an alternate way of how the Marxist theory of history is called. (Karl Marx: Wikipedia) It is the historical materialism which is found on the views of Marx on people and what people fundamentally are. Marx's theory of history originated from the thought that the way of society rise and fall and it further interferes in the development of human productive power. (Karl Marx: Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy) There is a common liberal belief that every individual gets the liberty to enter into all economic adaptations by ways of an equally beneficial contract. ...
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