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why should get a good grade A - Essay Example

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Just think about how many different students a teacher will see over a whole career. If a professor taught 3 classes a week with 20 students in each, every semester for 30 years, they would meet nearly 4000 students. Not only do teachers give us content, notes, labs, and papers to write…

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why should get a good grade A

So it is an important decision when a teacher gives a grade to a student. How can you as a teacher know when a student deserves an A Fortunately, you can look to my personal performance over the past semester to see what must be done to earn an A. I deserve the top mark because of my strong work ethic, my steady improvement, and my knowledge of the writing forms featured through our class.
My strong work ethic has served me well in this class and supports that I should get an A. Even though English is my second language, I have shown my best effort in my performances. I realize that hearing the teacher in class and working with my peers are excellent ways to improve, so I have been to every class. Sometimes it is easy for students to convince themselves they need to miss a class to work on a project or paper, but I am careful to plan my time so that I can complete my assignments and attend all classes, too. I know that I need to put in time and quality practice to improve my writing, and I am willing to do it because it will give me big benefits in the future.
In addition to my strong work ethic, another reason to award me an A is my steady improvement throughout the semester. By making such a steady effort, I have learned much more about writing as a process. Now I know that even good writers practice, make mistakes, and even look back at old pieces and find things they would now like to change. ...
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