E-billing in Local Municipalities in South Africa

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Several rural areas of the globe are confronted with a cycle of inadequate infrastructure, inefficient communication systems as well as poor policy implementation. Connectivity is a major concern in most rural development. Thus, expansion of networks and teledensity are viewed as promising solution in relation to rural development.


It provides various of benefits to consumers such as convenient distribution and navigation, in order to improve the analysis as well as cost reporting in business sectors. Several companies are adopting e Billing solutions in the file and contract management. Through e Billing, customers better understand their manner of spending and how cost savings are made.
Tshwane is one municipality of South Africa in which approximate population is 2.2 million. Most part of the municipality have low income level; 55% of the people are unemployed with ages 18 - 65; 8.7% of inhabitants who are older than 15 are illiterate. classified as 'illiterate'. Despite this fact, the leaders are pushing the economic growth and development of the entire city and one example towards achieving their goals is their involvement in the advance information and communication technology system programs such as the Tshwane Global Digital Hub program. The city is envisioned to be the destination of communication and information technology-based business. ...
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