Philosophical View of "High Noon" Movie (Ethics)

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In the High Noon movie, we witness how Will Kane is abandoned by the townsfolk as Frank Miller - a criminal he sent to jail - returns to town to get revenge. In spite of the great deeds that Kane had done for the people, he finds nobody to support him in the face off with a person who has terrorized the town.


The difference is that in deontology, an act may not be beneficial to most of the people. With these views, we construct a dichotomy with Kane on one side and the townsfolk on the other.
Ethically, we can view Kane's insistence on staying through the lenses of deontology. He chose to stay because he considered it fit and proper to do what is right and that is to make sure that the criminal does not harm anybody. This he did even though he was not the Marshal anymore. One can argue that Kane was actually motivated by self preservation because he feared that Miller would pursue him and his wife unrelentingly. Therefore, he was not motivated by doing what is right as a civil officer but was forced to do so to save his own life. However, he could have run off and left the town under the mercy of a gun wielding crazy criminal but he did not. He chose to stand by his code of honor which is to protect the citizenry. Furthermore, the doctrine of deontology states that happiness is not the goal. For certain, Kane's goal was not happiness for death was the only prospect facing him with a gun fight with four seasoned gunslingers. Knowing death is inevitable and still having the right intentions characterized Kane's actions.
For the townsfolk part, we see their decision of not supporting Kane as characteristic of utilitar ...
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