Human Resource Management: tests

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Different types of test are used as selection methods to evaluate an applicant. Some of these tests assess the skill level of the applicant; others are psychometric tests that try to assess employee attitudes and personality. There are different tests designed to evaluate different aspects of performance, like intelligence, aptitude, attitude, etc.


Thrustone1, distinguished mental abilities from the general trait of intelligence and created more specialized intelligence tests based on reasoning, word fluency, verbal comprehension, numbers, memory and space. The Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale utilizes a multiple measurement of factors such as comprehension, vocabulary, performance, picture management, and object assembly.
An IQ (Intelligent Quotient) test usually measures several factors of intelligence, such as logical reasoning, analytical skills and general knowledge. It also measures a person's ability to classify things, identify relationships and derive analogies. It does not take into consideration social or emotional intelligence.
Aptitude tests measure an individual's ability to learn a given job, when given adequate training. They do not test the knowledge or proficiency possessed by the individual; instead they test his ability to learn, or gain the required proficiency. Mechanical, clerical, linguistic, musical and academic abilities are some of the examples of job-related aptitudes. ...
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