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Essay example - Why Do Cultural Differences Within Urban Chicago High Schools Results In So Many Discipline Problems

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The literature reviewed in this paper highlights the prevalence of violence incidences in high schools in urban part of Chicago that more suggest as emanating from cultural differences among high school students. These discipline problems have prompted education policy makers and authorities in urban Chicago to engage on investigations as to how this trend of behavior can be controlled…

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Sources of information for this study come from both secondary as well as primary sources. The study intends to use questionnaires, interview schedules, observation as well as focus- group discussion in gathering relevant data for the study.
Culture is people's way of life. It denotes what a people value and abides to as normal. It is that complex whole of a people's collective experience in life. It includes religion, political, economical, ethics, social and aesthetic.
The issue of ethnic and cultural identity has been a dominant and salient issue of many minority ethnic groups for along time. America institutions of learning have been the battlefield of this identity struggle.
The high schools in urban Chicago have experiencing high incidences of racial and ethnicity related indiscipline where the students fail to uphold cultural tolerance towards teachers and other students from different cultural background. This has led to physical attacks, lack of respect and general deterioration of discipline in schools.
There is increase in cultural related crimes and misbehaviour among students in urban Chicago. Chicago times reported that a group of white students attacked and racially abused a senior honour student. ...
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