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Legionella Pneumophila

On the basis of similarities Legionella pneumophila is classified under Kingdom Procaryotae (Bacteria), Phylum Proteobacteria, Genus Legionella, and Species Pneumophila (Engelkirk and Burton, 2007).
Legionella pneumophila consisting of 32 identified species are globally found in natural water sources like lagoons, rivers, and streams, and in artificial habitats like air-conditioning systems, chilling structures, evaporating compressors, whirlpools in spas, hot tubs, shower heads, humidifiers, tap water, distillation systems, decorative fountains, misting devices, dust, people, and soil. The microorganisms may be transmitted by direct contact with the infected person, inhalation of dust where the spores are, or direct contact to the identified reservoirs (Engelkirk and Burton, 2007). The pathogenicity of the species was confirmed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States of America in 1977 after a year of having infected a host of victims temporarily living in Philadelphia Hotel in 1976. The pathogens were confirmed to have come from the vent of the hotel's airconditioning system (hydrosense(R), 2009).
Legionnaire's disease was the name given to the infection caused by the bacteria Legionella pneumophila. ...
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Legionella pneumophila is a microorganism categorized as rod-shaped, enveloped, gram-negative, and aerobic bacteria, whose size may range within 1m or less (Engelkirk and Burton, 2007). As living organisms, the generation to generation sequence of stages that Legionella pneumophila species undergoes to multiply and develop take place in a process called binary fission…
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