Identify the main barriers that constrain the development of renewable energy in a specific location, and suggest ways to overcome these. (We recommend that you only consider one type of renewable energy).

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If there is one factor that the human society as a whole is completely dependent on today more than ever, it is the continued and unlimited supply of energy. Like any other dynamic system, human society, too, is in need of an external source of energy to keep its processes functioning and for maintaining its stability (Physics Today 2004).


The utter dependence of man on this form of energy is not very encouraging, for the simple reason that this source of energy, as its name suggests, is not a permanent supply of energy and will eventually run out. On the other hand, the renewable energy sources provide hope as they are in plentiful supply, and need just to be harnessed to solve the energy crisis faced today.
Ever since the fossil fuel energy availability explosion in the 19th century, the demand rate for energy has been on an exponential increase. The increased demand is depleting the energy reserves at a much faster rate than what had been previously anticipated, and this has led us today to a very crucial point in time where we have to find and tap other sources of energy if we desire to keep our lives tuned in to the same style as we're used to.
The one most relevant factor and the biggest contributor to this energy problem is the phenomenal increase in the world population, which is expected to rise even more and at an increased rate, if not at the present rate, ...
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