Management Concepts in Hospitals Essay

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Community hospital is serving and thus targeting multicultural, multiethnic population[Noonan and Savolaine,40]. The new market orientation of the community hospital was characterized by customer centered approach. Serving the ethnic populations in their own cultural-friendly means turned out to be a very good business strategy.


this was then followed by simple but highly effective tools to make the customers [patients] feel valued. The efforts were towards advertising in the native languages and also developing simple 'guide to hospital' pamphlets in native languages. Childbirth classes were given in native languages. Extensive media advertisement was done too. The idea was to make it a family centered care. Multilingual physicians and nurses were catering the patients. This was enhanced by presentable looks of the hospital characterized by large state of the art labor rooms and post partum rooms with Jacuzzis and rooms for family members.
The market orientation of an organization is directly related to overall business performance, employee commitment and esprit de corpse[Jaworski and Kohli ,10].The above quality improvement measures turned out to be good business strategy too. The marketing presence was further enhanced by-creating a new maternity services 'brand' for the hospital-the graphic image of infant footprint. The hospital further stated its presence loudly through aggressive advertisement.
1. Focus on the customer -serving majorly in native language, advertising in native languages, organizing cultural shows for the ethnic population and in general making the people feel at home for the stressful event of childbirth to take place.
3. ...
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