Asbestos at the Regional Airport in Virginia Essay

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The regional airports in Virginia located at different wherein renovation and frequent construction works are being carried out, regularly. During construction of buildings and other associated facilities at these airports, Asbestos is being used as an inevitable ingredient.


Asbestos is a name given to a group of six different fibrous materials that occur naturally in the environment. Out of these, the Chrysolite belongs to Serpentine family of minerals, while all of others belong to Amphibole family. Amphibole forms of asbestos are considered to be more hazardous to health than Chrysolite whereas all forms of Asbestos are hazardous, and all can cause cancer. Asbestos mineral consists of thin separable fibers having parallel arrangement in between. Non fibrous forms like Termolite, Actinolite and Anthophyllite are found naturally and are not considered as fibrous minerals. Chrysolite which is known as White Asbestos is the predominant commercial form of Asbestos. Although these minerals do not dissolve in water or evaporate and are resistant to heat, fire, chemical and biological degradation but, they cause potential health hazards. In spite of this loophole, it has been used in various manufactured products mostly building materials, heat resistant fabrics and friction products.
As already mentioned, asbestos fiber are neither evaporable in air nor soluble in water in water. ...
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