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Osteopathic Medicine: Healing with no danger

To cage our sound mind we need our sound body and we must prevent the possibility of being prey of ailments by our both body and mind before we find the cure. Does this purpose is served by any school of medical theory and practice Certainly you would answer negatively. There lies the significance of Osteopathic Medicine.
WIKIPEDIA, the Free Encyclopedia reports its archive information "Osteopathic medicine first developed its unique and proprietary treatment modalities in the early 19th century as a distinct alternative to allopathic medical practice. Indeed the founder of osteopathic medicine was Dr. Andrew T. Still, a conventional M.D. who had grown dissatisfied with the restraints of allopathic medicine and wanted to expand the scope of practice to include additional therapies. His original modalities moved through stages of discovery, development, refinement, and translation in order to be integrated into a modern biomedical-oriented osteopathic educational curriculum. This curriculum was instituted in largely free-standing educational institutions, community hospitals, and clinics that were relatively isolated from the established scientific and medical training centers of the time."
Osteopathic medicine is about to embark on a new phase in its social evolution as it has been widening its dimension of wide expansion. ...
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This brief article stitches the idea of grounding Osteopathic Medicine as natural science of anatomical physiology in integration of naturotheraphy, traditional practice of alternative medication and psychological support to the patients in the pursuit of a promising career
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