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Essay example - Music of 1980's

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The 1980's decade is among if not the most celebrated eras in human history for several reasons. In many perspectives, the events that took place in the said period of history were very significant in the pages of our past. The 1980's era was a time when there was a great change in the economic and social trends in many parts of the world, most especially the United States and the United Kingdom…

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Technology wise, the trend was also fast-emerging. The improvement of telecommunications played a key role in the success of the current technology. Scientifically speaking, there were several vital breakthroughs in science which led to further improvements in the succeeding years. There was also a recorded tremendous increase in the world's population and is actually one of the periods with the largest recorded rate of increase. The fashion and style aspect also rocketed during this period in time and there were many things which made the people, most especially the youth, go gaga and engrossed to their icons to the extent of imitating them in how they look, what they do and all sorts.
There are many other factors which made many people and even historians consider this era as a highly celebrated one in terms if the aforementioned reasons and events. However, as the saying goes, for every swing of the pendulum, there is always a counter-swing. This is because there are also several aspects which made people look at this era as an uncalled for- something which is ridiculed because of several negative implications that it brings to the people.
One aspect which suffered bittersweet treatments is the entertainment industry, more specifically the music industry. ...
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