Literacy Program

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The main aim of a literacy programme is to fulfill the very objective of education----the help a student develop his or her reading comprehension, writing, speaking and listening skills. These are the four-fold skill-sets of an effective literacy programme.


This literacy programme is scheduled for a week's time, wherein a strategy is evolved to include all components of the programme.
When the reading level of the student is identified, "the objective then becomes measurable, and the teacher can collect information that will provide evidence as to whether it has been met" (Gunning, 2004).
In order to improve the reading comprehension of a student, I would like to introduce a combination of materials, that would help a student understand the different kinds of written materials and also improve his overall reading skills.
I would include the following components in the reading comprehension module: Reading of a newspaper, a classic novel that is pertinent to the standard of the student, reading columns or articles by eminent personalities that would interest the student, reading a text book of English language, reading comics and finally, reading a project based on the interest levels of a student of the particular standard.
Each day of the week-long strategy would include one item from the list each. The list is a pretty comprehensive one, with diversity in the reading approach. ...
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