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Essay example - Describe the importance of voting in the American system

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The importance of voting in a democratic system such as the United States cannot be understated. First and foremost, American citizens have a moral and ethical obligation to vote because many of their fellow Americans have died in many wars and in many social movements over the past few centuries to win and preserve that right for them…

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The first reason why voting is important related to ethics. Many people have put their lives on the line, and have been maimed and killed in order to preserve the basic fundamental liberties we enjoy today. These sacrifices of precious lives have been made in several wars in which America has fought, as well as various social movements such as women's suffrage and the civil rights movement. Among the most important of the liberties that were preserved by these sacrifices is the right to have a voice in one's own government. Whether we like it or not, those sacrifices obligate us on an ethical and moral level to make sure they were not made in vain. The right to vote is a gift from them; and it would be in very bad form to throw that gift away considering its cost.
The second reason why voting is important is because it is a prerequisite to legitimate expression of discontent with the performance and direction of the government. A person who was able to vote but did not loses any credible force of opinion when things are going badly. This is because they chose to abdicate their ultimate opportunity to exercise their voice in government. It becomes a credibility issue. ...
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