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Motorcycle Market Report

The recent trends in the motor bike industry suggest that the industry is shifting towards achieving more individualization or customization into the motor bikes offered to the customers. This customization comes in many forms. Therefore accessory offered by me is of really great value and according to the recent market trend.
"The $14.6 billion* U.S. market for motorcycles is set to see its 13th consecutive growth year with the support of a key consumer bloc. Baby boomers are heading out on the highway in droves. Motorcycles, including cruisers, sport bikes, touring and dirt bikes accounted for nearly 91% of motorcycle sales in 2004 and scooters, standard bikes and dual-purpose bikes accounted for the rest of the market. All segments have experienced a boost in 2005 and through 2006, due to skyrocketing gas prices, bringing more cycle devotees into the core user group and further changing the face of the motorcycle consumer. In 2003, there were 8.8 million motorcycles in operation in the United States, or 3 motorcycles for every 100 persons. Of those, 6.9 million were used on public roads and highways, and 2.4 million were used off-road, these figures also include 500,000 dual-bikes, which are designed for use on public roads and for off-highway recreational purposes.*" (
Heated grips work as a "flexible, adhesive, wrap-around heating element wi ...
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Global motorcycle demand will grow six percent annually through 2011. Gains will be led by developing markets based on rising incomes and the introduction of higher quality machines with newer technologies. In developed markets, fuel prices and car restrictions will make motorcycles more attractive as transportation" (
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