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Essay example - Nutrition Research

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The study entitled "National survey beverage consumption data for children and adolescents indicate the need to encourage a shift toward more nutritive beverages" (Rampesaud, G., Baioley, L., & Kauwell, G., 2003) published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association on January 2003 was aimed to assess the fruit juice and beverage consumption of children and adolescents compared to those recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics…

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in the United States. Data obtained from the 1998 Supplemental Children's Survey involving 5,559 children aged birth through 9 years old were also included in the study. These surveys involved 24-hour-recall of food intake for one or two nonconsecutive days. The consumption for two days and appropriate weighting factors were used to calculate the average daily intake of beverage for individuals aged birth through 18 years old. The beverages are categorized as: 100% fruit juice (citrus juice plus non-citrus juices and nectars), total fluid milk, total carbonated beverages (regular and low-calorie), and total fruit drinks and ades (not 100% juice; regular and low-calorie). Breastfeed Infants and children were excluded from the analysis. The total sample size of the study includes 10,648 individuals 50.5% of which are male and 49.5% female. As far as cultural classification is concerned, there were70% white, 15% black; and 17% were of Hispanic origin). Descriptive statistics were calculated using SPSS (Version 10.1, 2000, SPSS Inc, Chicago,IL). T-tests were used to compare the mean differences of the data.
The study presented the ...
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