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Essay example - Gun Manufacturer's Liability

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Mortality due to firearms slightly decreased from 30,136 to 29,039 deaths representing a .5 percent decrease when comparing statistics for 2003 and 2004. Out of the total firearms mortality figures, 16,907 were due to suicide, 11,920 were attributed to homicide, 730 accounted for unintentional shootings, and the remaining number due to legal intervention and undetermined intent…

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It was due to these persistently occurring firearms caused mortality incidents that spurred the application of legal remedies to regulate the purchase and use of firearms. Regulatory statutes in the past 15 years focused on mandating the legal responsibilities of gun manufacturers in an effort to reduce firearms related deaths. According to former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, "It is a responsibility to put away childish things - to make the possession and use of firearms a matter undertaken only by serious people who will use them with the restraint and maturity that their dangerous nature deserves - and demands" (US Department of Justice 2).
Deterring firearms deaths require a holistic solution that targets two major sectors for gun regulation, gun owners and gun manufacturers including the channels of distribution between the two sectors. Every regulatory measure have been met with opposition and criticism from one sector or the other due to the public interest issues involved in gun manufacture and ownership. Strict regulation of gun manufacturers led to the enactment of laws providing the responsibilities and corresponding liabilities of gun manufacturers.
An analytical discussion of the responsibilities and liabilities of gun manufacturers, the controversies surrounding the s ...
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